Hi! I’m Antonellie:

I’m a Drink Enthusiast, Cocktail Creator, and Home Bartender. I also have a habit of going to local breweries and distilleries and sharing them.

Behind the Bar

I’ve been a bartender domestically (in the US) and overseas as a part time job while in college. After graduating and landing a corporate job, I found myself missing the thrill of giving someone their new favorite drink for the first time. I’m also a cocktail obsessed frequent flyer, NYC-based adventurer, and lover of self-care and long baths.

You don’t need 1,000+ fancy ingredients to elevate your drink game. Here, we’ll make simple yet delicious drinks, making cocktails easy.

Got skill? Dig into some bar techniques.

Bring the elevated bar and cocktail experience to your next social gathering. Put away that college liquor and take your drink game to the next level with these cool cocktails recipes and bar tricks.

Work With Me

For all collaboration, press or speaking opportunities, please reach out directly at antonellie.drunknightin@gmail.com or drop a note here:

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